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Wiki Problems
06 Jul 2020 00:14Jump!
Chat Problems
International problems
12by YossipossiYossipossi
07 Jul 2020 19:41Jump!
Policy & Voting
Policy proposal discussion and voting
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Ideas & Proposals
412by stormbreathstormbreath
17 Oct 2020 23:22Jump!
Policy Voting Threads
13by YossipossiYossipossi
05 Jul 2020 21:36Jump!
Rule Application & Record-Keeping
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Recording user actions.
34by Deadly BreadDeadly Bread
07 Jul 2020 17:22Jump!
Recording disciplinary measures of users.
Notes and votes made of disciplinary actions
Updates, incidents & changes
12by The PigheadThe Pighead
07 Jul 2020 19:35Jump!
Wiki & Media Management
Managing the SCP Wiki's content and infrastructure.
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Media falling under staff purview. (Replacing "Main SCP Listing")
22by RogetRoget
05 Jul 2020 20:46Jump!
Discussions on content presentation & navigation.
11by RogetRoget
05 Jul 2020 20:46Jump!
Of or relating to the forums and to helping writers
11by RogetRoget
05 Jul 2020 20:47Jump!
Chat Tasks
For use by IRC staff only
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Community members in need of attention
13by The PigheadThe Pighead
07 Jul 2020 18:10Jump!
Creating & keeping track of notable channels
Anything not fitting the other Chat boards.
Off-Site Affairs
Anything worthy of Senior Staff attention that is outside the SCP Wiki
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Ambassadors communicating important information
Please edit title to add [CLOSED] to the beginning of any thread that has been dealt with
Discussion relevant to off-site content and/or the content creator(s)
For other discussions or logs regarding external affairs not covered by the other topics.
Staff Management
Adjusting or changing the staff roster
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Adding new staff or promoting existing staff
Updating the status of individual staff members

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