O5 Updating Guide and Workbench

Primary Functions:

1. General roster maintenance: This is our most common task. As staff members join or leave teams, or as we gain new junior staffers, our subteam has to update the proper rosters such as the Master Staff List, the Active Staff List, as well as the proper team hubs which can be found on the Staff Structure page. Similarly, whenever a staff member goes Inactive or retires, we record that with the pertinent information on the Inactive/Retired Staff List. We also update the Contact Staff page and the Meet the Staff page as well.

2. General page maintenance: From time to time, policy will be passed or teams will adopt new roles or tasks. These actions often require us to update guide, policy, or information pages as well as team hubs accordingly.

3. O5command page tagging: Whenever a new page is created and posted to O5command, we issue the proper page tagging to help keep track of the said pages. Untagged pages show up on the Troy's Workbench page. Remember that pages can receive multiple tags depending upon the page's purpose and content.

4. Promotion cycle roster updates: One of our busiest times happens to be the Promotion cycles. After a cycle has completed, we make the proper roster updates to reflect the promotions.

5. Promotion cycle retirement updates: We also keep track of which staff vote on the promotions thread to ensure the activities of staff are accurate. With that being said, one of the Section Headers of this subteam will create a post to reflect which members did not vote and which members should be retired. All of this info is found on the Inactive/Retired Staff List which we have to update accordingly in these situations.

6. Monthly subteam activity checks: The Section headers of this subteam conduct monthly activity checks for the various subteams for MAST, Community Outreach, and Internet Outreach.

7. O5command page restructuring: This was our primary purpose before, but we were successful in updating the majority of O5command already. At the bottom of this guide, the current ideas for further improvement will be kept.

O5command Tags:

Tag Description Example Page
admin Administrator pages and tools for 05 command. Site Members
archived Pages which no longer serve a function and/or are defunct. Archived Reports
draft Pages which are drafts of future policy/guides/etc. Should be in the sandbox: category. N/A
guide Pages which serve as a guide on how to perform a specific staff duty. Junior Staff Guide
information Pages which provide miscellaneous information. Inactive/Retired Staff List
policy Pages which outline how staff should behave. Site Charter
records Pages which list information of users or pages, and are consistently updated. Should always be in the records: category. N/A
tool Pages which host a tool to be used by staff. Timers
workbench Workbench pages. Troy's Page
As a note, it is perfectly fine for a page to have more than one tag. An example would be the Staff Structure page.

Promotions Procedure:

When Junior Staff are promoted to Operational Staff:

  • You will need to contact them and ask for their timezone as well as their preferred ways of contact.
  • Remind them to create a Meet the Staff listing. They will need a moderator to unlock for them. Feel free to ask them to remove their JS listing at the bottom or do it yourself.
  • Create brand new listings on the Master Staff List and the Active Staff List for them. Use the JS list at the bottom of the Master Staff List as a reference for what teams they are on. Also, be sure to update the counter at the top of the Active Staff List which keeps track of our total active staff and the quorum. (Quorum is always the total times 0.3, rounded up.)
  • Update their team hubs accordingly.
  • Add them to the listings for their relative teams on the Contact Staff page. You will need a moderator to unlock it for you.
  • Check if they have an author page and update their staff position accordingly on the Author Pages list.

When Operational Staff are promoted to Moderators or when Moderators are promoted to Administrators:

  • Move their listings to the appropriate place of Meet the Staff. Remind them it exists in case they want to update their listing.
  • Move their current listings on the Master Staff List and the Active Staff List to the proper places. Make sure to update their promotion thread links on the Active Staff List.
  • Update their team hubs accordingly.
  • Update their listings for their relative teams on the Contact Staff page. You will need a moderator to unlock it for you.
  • Check if they have an author page and update their staff position accordingly on the Author Pages list.

Projects and Pitches:

Projects: Projects are initiatives that have been approved by the Section Headers and the MAST Captain and can be acted on.

  • O5 Page Check And Updating = There are a few pages on O5 Command that have been on my radar that either need to be rewritten, retired, updated, or possibly nothing at all. This lays out a general plan to check the last remaining loose ends on O5 to ensure everything is updated.

Pitches: Pitches are ideas that need further approval and discussion. When making a pitch, please create a MAST sandbox page explaining your idea and link the page here with a brief summary of the idea and your name.

  • M*A*S*T Site Organization Project = The MAST site is a mess. It needs better organization to help all the teams involved. We did this before on O5, so we should be able to do it again here. ~ WhiteGuard
  • Junior Staff Roster = Outlines for a dedicated roster documenting junior staff members. ~ Naveil
  • Policy Gathering = We'll need to do this if we ever plan on updating the Policy Directory, so might aswell do it now yknow? ~ Lucio

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