SCP Attributes

A list of changes to potentially implement to the tagging system. Bear in mind these are just suggestions, I want to get a wide range of opinions on this. Each section is basically ordered by confidence, from "confident that it would be an improvement" to "worth considering"

Anything that requires explanation on the Tag FAQ should ideally be redefined.


Currency feels redundant, one tag could cover all of these use cases (and possibly corporate as well):

  • currency — SCP is, is related to, affects, or is activated by money or other objects primarily intended to be used as a medium of exchange.
  • exchange — SCP involves or is triggered by some form of exchange of physical or intangible goods, including but not limited to bartering and monetary trade.

The distinction here feels very minor, thermodynamic could be merged into ectoentropic and thermal.

  • thermal — SCP is activated by, triggered by, or propagates via changes in temperature. This includes both increases and decreases in temperature.
  • thermodynamic — SCP affects, or is otherwise significantly related to the laws of thermodynamics.

Redundant with "biological", "contagion" and "toxic" (depending on the exact nature of the biohazard), redefine "toxic" to include biological as well as chemical toxins.

  • biohazard — SCP poses a hazard to humans or the environment as a result of biological function, or is a biological hazard.

I feel like empathic can be merged with mind-affecting and telepathic, depending on how it works.
Current Definitions:

  • empathic — SCP is capable of reading or conveying emotion, feelings, or sensations.
  • mind-affecting — SCP affects the thinking of subjects, which can include behavior and overall intelligence.
  • telepathic — SCP can transfer information via anomalous means.

Revised definitions

Could sexual cover both of these? At the very least, the current distinction is unclear.

  • reproductive — SCP anomalously affects or interferes with the normal biological reproductive processes of an organism (which may include humans), or has anomalous biological reproductive methods other than that covered by parasitic or self-replicating.
    • Avoid using with 'parasitic', and 'self-replicating'
  • sexual — SCP includes or affects sexual organs, sexual activities, or concepts related to sex. Does not imply that the work is intended for adult audiences only

Could we just tag things that are electromagnetic with the appropriate combination of the transmission, radioactive, electricity or magnetic tags?

  • electromagnetic — SCP generates, stores, or uses electromagnetic energy or fields.

Magnetic is currently underused and feels like it should be kept distinct from electrical, but applying both to things that generate electromagnetic fields seems reasonable. Electromagnetic radiation is something distinct and best covered by radioactive (if ionising), light (if visible) or transmission (if used to transmit information).


To avoid redundancy, "sport" should supersede "game", reserving game for board games and video games.

  • sport — SCP is, is used in, is activated by, or is otherwise related to one or more sports, defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which one or more individuals compete against other individuals or teams. Sports should also be tagged with game. Equipment or gear specifically or exclusively used in sporting events should also be tagged with clothing or tool, as appropriate.
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